Meet the new Monitive

The day has come. After 10 years of running an uptime monitoring service, of which three years we spent in rewriting of the service. The new Monitive code-name “Freyja” is ready for the world to use.

Meet the new Monitive

What is it?

Monitive is an uptime monitoring service, which means it checks your websites and other online services every minute, from all around the world and instantly notifies you if they go down, for whatever reason.

It’s like a doorman to your online presence, watching the front door from the street and ensures that people can “go inside” and learn about you, buy something from you or use your services.

Big companies, who have an entire Ops department are still using Monitive just to get that “street view” assurance that it’s all good from the outside world, even though they have their own “doorman team” inside the building, making sure all the electrical, pipelines and other system are running smooth to best serve their visitors or customers.

Why would you use it?

Because all websites go down eventually. Big and small, popular or forgotten, the “nothing lasts forever” rule applies. Many of them are going down much more often than others. And if your website matters to you, keeping an eye on its uptime is critical, for a variety of reasons, as downtime:

  • hurts your reputation
  • damages business
  • renders marketing efforts useless
  • negatively affects SEO

And it also brings collateral damage, such as handling angry customers that couldn’t complete their task using your website, which you then need to make happy again.

Introducing the new Monitive

The new Monitive, codenamed “Freyja” is the foundation for years to come. It does one thing and it does it well: notifies you if you website goes down.

We’ve been focusing on simplicity, so that you don’t need a User’s Manual, you don’t need an engineering degree to use it, it just works.

Monitive Dashboard

Alerting rules

By default, when your website goes down, you’ll instantly receive an email alert. If it’s still down for 3 minutes, you’ll get an SMS alert. And if it’s still down after 10 minutes, we’re calling you!

À-la-carte features

One thing that we did differently is that you only turn on features that you need. So there’s no overcrowding the interface with switches and options that you’ll never ever use.

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Why not keep using the old one?

The old Monitive is now called Monitive Classic and is still available at and it will be up and working until Friday December 18th, 2020 when we’re going to “pull the plug” and let it rest. That’s exactly six months from today’s launch date, plenty of time for our customers to migrate to the new Monitive.

Thank you!

As a conclusion, I want to send a big warm thank you to the thousands of users that have been using Monitive in the past. Each and every one of them helped us craft the Monitive that launched today.

Please visit our new service homepage at and let us know what you think!

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