Close to wrapping up 2020

There are 6 weeks left of 2020, which means it’s about time we wrap this year up, focus on what’s most important, and leave the nice-to-have endeavors for next year.

Close to wrapping up 2020

For Monitive, that means finalizing all the features that our users need to completely migrate from the (now old) Monitive Classic to the new and shiny Monitive.

We’re sunsetting Monitive Classic just before Christmas, so my number one goal is to ensure that every user only has downtime that they know about. As it is our duty, and many users rely on us for letting them know, we just cannot afford to let them down.

That’s why I crafted a list of what we’ll be focusing towards the end of 2020:

  • Bug fixing — this is always a priority, any bugs get squashed first.
  • PING Monitoring — this one is ready and tested, will be released this weekend.
  • TCP Port Monitoring — almost ready, still needs some testing and updates.
  • PagerDuty Integration — our core business is not incident management and escalation, but PagerDuty’s is. And since we have customers that rely on it, we’ll migrate it to the new Monitive as well.
  • HTTP POST Alerts — Allows users to configure their very own scripts which get called when an outage occurs. From alerting to restarting services, you can do pretty much anything with a HTTP POST Alert webhook.
  • Multi-user Accounts — This is in development, and it allows multiple users to manage the same account (team), get notified of outages, get reports etc.
  • Marketing Flow — For years we were lousy at communicated what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and why. I’m looking forward to changing that.
  • Lead Generation — “Making the Internet a better place — one site at a time” sounds great, but we also need to pay our rent, buy food and live. Which is only sustainable as long as customers find out about us.
  • PDF Reports — this is must, requested by users and also will help Lead Generation, so it’s on our shortlist.
  • Quick Tests — it seems many users are still searching for a way to do a quick-test for a website. This was available in the old Monitive Classic, and I’m looking forward to providing it in the new one.
  • Promotion — Involves trying out various ad networks such as Google Ads, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, Facebook and others.
  • Status Page — A single place that any customer’s visitor can quickly look up if there’s something going on with the website. Again, this was available in the old Monitive, and I’m looking into providing this in the new one.
  • Sunsetting Monitive Classic — This involves accurate and complete communication, as this should not be a surprise for any of our users.

This is pretty much it for this year. Due to the limited time, the new features might not have all the bells and whistles in the first iteration, but I’m very happy that the new Monitive is very stable, with a full test-suite and accurate reporting. More about this in the posts to come.