New: Push notification alerts via Pushover

Just launched: Push notifications via Pushover. Get outage and recovery alerts on all your devices, wherever you are...

New: Push notification alerts via Pushover

It's already weekend.

Which means time away from the keyboard, and hopefully less screen-time from our always-around electronic devices.

You don't want to go to dinner wondering if your online services are up and running, and also you might want to tone down the number of times you check your email.

That's why we added the missing link to our alerting system:

Push notifications

You can now configure push notification alerts for any or all of your monitors, towards unlimited push-enabled devices (such as any iOS, Mac OS, Windows or Android device).

This way, you can just go on and enjoy your weekend, and if anything is up, we'll send you a notification. No need to check your email, no need to check any app, if something's up, you'll just get a push notification alert.

Unless your website must be up 100% of the time (in which case you should definitely opt in for phone call alerts), or if you're monitoring some secondary parts of your website (such as you contact form, or a subsection), push notifications via Pushover are the best.

You also get all these notifications nicely organized in an inbox-style list in your Pushover app. Bonus!

Get your push notifications set up in just a few minutes by following our Push notifications setup guide.